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I'm so excited to meet you!

Beginning Jan 1, 2023 

Over recent years, the hair industry has changed dramtically as our world has. 


Yaaaasss girl!! comments and raves on Instagram & TikTok worthy hair, jumping rapidly on your feed is only half the story.  


I’m speaking to what goes on in the chair & behind the chair to get “The Look”!



Prior to that stunning social media post the stylist invested countless hours and thousands of dollars on their education (not beauty school, continuing education) to bring you just that.  So trust them, they are the professional. I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s still true that sometimes your desired look is “A Journey”.


Your stylist, needs to work closely w/their guest deciding what it’s going to take to get the guest there. Hair history, health background, at home care and lifestyle. 


Then, the plan is carefully laid out and executed…3-6 hours & hundreds of $$ later voila! The look & change you’ve been wanting is right there! But you don’t even know the canvas they started w/ and what approach needs to be taken w/your specific canvas (Hair).

ALL of this is necessary to get you that Stunning look that come with endless compliments/like from friends & followers. 


All this to say, I am completely changing the structure of my business. I will to continue to  provide amazing service and an experience that goes beyond your last service.  More specialized services, minimal double booking, and


"Drum Roll Please"... PAYMENT PLANS!



  • Double booking will be very limited and only w/well established clients.

  • Paylater is NOW AVAILABLE.  


  • A 20% deposit is required to book an appointments this applies to all services.  This eliminates the cost of no-shows & cancellations and to allow other clients on the waitlist to get in an asap.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason and will stay on the guests file for 90


  • No Shows & Cancellations made w/i the 72 hour window of your scheduled appt will be charged for 100% of all services scheduled. This will need to be paid in full prior to booking any future appointments.  

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